Do You Work In The Public Sector?

Public Sector Mortgages – Maximise your purchase power!

If you work in the public sector, you can apply for a mortgage which has been specifically designed for you. These mortgages are applicable for First-time buyers, Second time buyers and those switching from another lender and possibly releasing equity in their home. Only one applicant needs to be a public sector worker to avail of this offer.

Key Qualifying Criteria

  • All properties must be in the Republic of Ireland
  • They must be used as Principal Dwelling Houses
  • Applicants must have the required permission to reside and work in the state
  • A full valuation of each property is required
  • Security, buildings insurance and life cover are required
  • Minimum age of applicants is 18 years and maximum age on maturity is 70 years
  • Applicants must have a proven repayment capacity to meet stress test repayments

Key product features:

  • Your basic income will be considered to be two points up your current pay scale.
  • With regard to Variable income the following will apply:
  • Overtime: Up to 100% of regular overtime earned may be factored into our assessment if your employer confirms it is regular on your salary certificate.
  • Allowances: 100% of contractual allowances will be factored in if your employer confirms it is guaranteed and is evident on the most recent Employment Detail Summary and on target income for current tax year
  • Employees who are promoted within the Civil Service on a one year ‘probationary’ period will be considered
  • New entrants to the Civil/ Public service who are subject to any probationary period will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Your previous employment history will be required to establish your experience and suitability for their new position.
  • We’ll look for the best mortgage rates in the market.

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